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ITC593 provides the practical knowledge and skills needed to analyse and work with network security protocols and standards, along with an in-depth introduction to the field of cryptography. The subject explores how contemporary encryption algorithms, digital signatures and cryptographic hash functions are used to implement various security goals, such as authentication, confidentiality and integrity. It also includes a comprehensive coverage of emerging security trends in modern IT infrastructure.

ITC593 – Network Security and Cryptography will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to computer and network security.
  • Cryptography and its applications in network security.
  • Secret key (symmetric) algorithms.
  • Public key (asymmetric) algorithms.
  • Modes of operation.
  • RSA algorithm;
  • Authentication systems.
  • TLS and IP security
  • User authentication & Kerberos.
  • Key Management & Public key infrastructure (PKI).
  • Emerging trends and challenges of network security


  1. Online Quizzes (20%)
  2. Short Answer Questions and Report (15%)
  3. Research Report (15%)
  4. Final Exam (50%)

Subject Availability

Session 2 (Jul), Session 3 (Nov)

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