Enrolments: 432,209

Master Degree and Graduate Certificate Course Enrolments: 8,865

The total number of Master degree and Graduate Certificate enrolments since Charles Sturt University and IT Masters launched our first qualification in 2003.

Short Course Enrolments: 423,344

The total number of enrolments in our free short courses that we offer as a taster of what it is like to study via Distance Education with Charles Sturt University.

Professional Internships for Current Students

Are you currently in our Graduate Certificate in Computing (Career Transition) or Applied Digital Marketing? Through our professional internships, you can gain the hand-on experience you need to stand out when you graduate and earn credit towards your degree. We know how valuable real-world experience is, so we want to set you up with all the skills you need.

Delivered in partnership with ECA Internships, we want to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace to solidify the practical elements of your course.

Whether it be in cyber security, cloud computing, networking & sysadmin, digital marketing or project management, you can turn your theoretical knowledge into practical skills.

  • Apply your skills learned during your studies
  • Gain hands-on experience in the industry
  • Network and create long lasting professional relationships in the industry
  • Gain credit for your internship subject

Note: the Professional Internship subject is currently only available for students studying the Graduate Certificate in Computing (Career Transition) and Applied Digital Marketing. If you would like to host an intern at your organisation, please follow this link.

What’s involved:

  • 220 to 240 hours professional work experience (typically worked as 2.5 days per week, over 12 weeks)
  • Work on a project or activity in a private or public sector organisation under the guidance of an industry mentor
  • Interns are unpaid, earn credit towards their degrees and participate in online learning activities as part of the unit
  • At conclusion of the internship, each student will be required to prepare a report and give a presentation at a workshop attended by fellow students and academic supervisors

What you get:

  • A dedicated internship consultant to guide you through the experience, who works with you to find an internship opportunity and host company to match your goals
  • An individual internship training plan
  • Workers insurance coverage for the duration of the internship
  • References and job opportunities – a large number of interns are offered employment after the internship
  • Assistance with resume writing, interview preparation and professional development
  • LinkedIn and professional social media profile development

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:

  • Be able to evaluate and reflect on personal approaches to work and how these can be developed in the future
  • Be able to critically evaluate and apply conceptual and theoretical knowledge to a specific workplace environment
  • Be able to appraise personal development across a range of work preparation skills
  • Be able to appraise personal development across a range of professional practice skills
  • Be able to develop proficiency in working independently and effectively as a team member

Interested? Complete the internship expression of interest form below. Our dedicated IT Masters staff will be in touch to talk through your career goals and how to best fit an internship into your studies.