IT Masters Shorten your study with Credit



Credit can be gained by successfully completing any of the following 4 options.



If you have already achieved an industry certification that covers topics presented in a subject in your course you may be able to claim Industry Certification Credit.


This credit can be applied at the point of admission by the Admissions Team or students can submit a claim through their Student Portal, this means you’re able to apply for credits if you happen to achieve another certification while you’re in the middle of your studies.


We acknowledge certifications from nearly 50 vendors and over 200 certifications, to see the full listing and filter by vendor, certification, course, and subject try out our Credit Finder.



If you’ve previously studied a subject at another institution at the post graduate level, you might be eligible for recognition of prior learning (RPL). RPL acknowledges the skills and knowledge you’ve accumulated and can potentially shorten the time required to complete your degree.


Like industry certification, this can assessed upon admission by providing the relevant documents – meaning you’ll start your course with subjects already credited.


To be awarded credit the subject must have been studied at the post graduate level, no longer then 10 years and the subject outline must match up to the subject you are trying to credit by at least 80%. Ultimately, this will be assessed by our Eligibility Officer and the CSU Course Director.


Have your wealth of experience recognised, ACS certification enhances your academic and vendor credentials. Beyond showcasing your dedication and professionalism, it also underscores your commitment to ethics and continuous professional growth with a unifying ACS badge.


ACS certifications are awarded based on a thorough assessment of your existing skills and competencies, so there are no exams or studies required. You can receive up to 2 subjects’ worth of credit for any ACS certifications.



IT Masters offers an ongoing series of free short courses that cover a range of topics, mostly based on the subjects taught in our postgraduate courses. They’re a great way to get a feel for studying without having to commit to fees or due dates or to explore topics that you may be new to or may want to know more about.


Not only are the courses free and 100% online students who successfully complete three or more short courses will be eligible for one industry elective subject credit towards one of the Charles Sturt University and IT Masters postgraduate courses. Subject to the conditions below,


    • Credit for IT Masters short courses is only available for IT Masters elective subjects. Master degree students who have completed all electives or who have already met their credit threshold may not be able to claim credit.


    • Credit for the IT Masters free short courses is only available for the Charles Sturt University postgraduate qualifications listed on the IT Masters Website.


    • Only one subject credit can be claimed for IT Masters short courses, you may not claim more short course credits for completing a further 3 short courses (to see whether you qualify for other credit, fill out our Eligibility Form).


    • This credit arrangement does not apply to the Doctorate of Information Technology course.


    • Short courses in the Skills, Research, and Misc. category are not eligible for Post Graduate University Credit and are marked as such.


The maximum level of credit available is no more than 50% of any course. Credit can be claimed before or after you enrol, and current students can claim credit at any time up until graduation.


For more information about credit and credit with specific courses, try out our credit finder.


Credit Finder

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