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Save Big on Your Postgraduate IT Degree with CSP Funding!


Are you looking to advance your IT career with a postgraduate qualification? Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the Australian Government’s initiative to support students through Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP). CSP funding can drastically reduce your course fees, making it more affordable to achieve your educational and career goals.

Register below to join our Free Info Session: CSP Funding for IT Post Grad on 25 June @ 7:30 PM (Sydney time) to discover how you can benefit from this incredible opportunity.



This session will cover everything you need to know about CSP funding and how it applies to the following IT Masters and Charles Sturt University courses:

During the session, we’ll discuss eligibility criteria, available intakes, and the application process. Our dedicated Eligibility Officer will also be available to provide information on free assessments and guide you on your pathway to a Masters degree. Don’t miss this chance to ask questions and get detailed information on how you can save up to 71% on your tuition fees.

Recent Panel - Why is tech still a boys' club?


Did you know that in IT education, men outnumber women by roughly 4 to 1 nationally? Shockingly, this statistic has seen only marginal improvement over the past decade. It’s high time we delve into why the tech industry remains predominantly a boy’s club.

On Wednesday the 24th of April at 7pm (Sydney Time) we discussed this exact topic with a panel of professional women from various sectors of the IT industry. In a welcoming and open dialogue, we’ll explore topics such as the division of labour, strategies for effecting lasting change, the vital role of support networks, and much more.

Watch the recording below


Get to know our panellists


Dr. Rani Burchmore – Regional Lead, AWS re/Start Program

With over two decades in the APAC technology sector, is known for strategic prowess in fostering sustainable growth and education reform. Leading the AWS re/Start Program in APAC, she drives training and certification for underrepresented communities, notably in the Asia Pacific and Japan. Previously, she excelled as Education Director at Microsoft, pioneering global learning initiatives. Her leadership at Dell and a global education institution impacted over 700,000 students, emphasizing employability skills. Dr. Burchmore’s commitment to tech-driven education cements her as a leader in advancing careers and technology.


Berys Amor – CIO, Ngai Tahu Holdings

Has been Ngāi Tahu Group’s Chief Information Officer since May 2022, returning to Aotearoa, New Zealand after over 30 years in Australia’s technology industry. She held leadership positions in top-tier Australian law firms, focusing on strategy, program management, and information security. Her role at Ngāi Tahu, one of New Zealand’s largest Māori tribes, involves leveraging technology and data for cultural and economic wellbeing. This includes developing digital and data strategies to support whānau, enhance climate change efforts, and promote digital capability across diverse businesses.


Jo Stewart-Rattray – CSO, Silverchain/Director of Technology & Security Assurance, BRM Advisory

With over 30 years’ experience in IT, including roles as CIO in Utilities and Tourism, and as Group CIO. Her expertise extends to Information Security, notably as CISO in healthcare. Combining IT with education and management qualifications, she specializes in risk and technology consulting, emphasizing governance and security in various sectors. Jo holds board positions in ISACA and ACS, championing women in tech through initiatives like SheLeadsTech. Notable achievements include representing Australia at the UN CSW62, speaking on Capitol Hill, and having an award named in her honor for advancing women in tech leadership.


Sarah McCullough – CIO, Essential Energy

Sarah joined Essential Energy in 2018 as the Head of eTech Operations, acting as CIO from April 2019 before assuming the role permanently in February 2020. Sarah is an experienced senior IT and Innovation leader and certified Organisational Change Manager, with over 20 years’ experience. Previously, she held the position of Head of Applications at Pacific National and Asciano, an ASX top 50 company. We are also very pleased to mention that Sarah is an Alumni of ITM and Charles Sturt, holding a Graduate Certificate in Management (Info Tech) and an MBA (Computing).



Recent Information Session


Discover the latest findings from CompTIA’s Chief Technology Evangelist, Dr. James Stanger, as he unveils his findings on AI’s role in cybersecurity; past, present and future. These insights have been gathered through his long career travelling the world and meeting with representatives from some of the largest multi-national companies in operation. He covers topics such as long-standing applications in spam filtering to emerging trends in pen testing, security analytics, threat intelligence, and governance, explore the evolving landscape of AI integration in cybersecurity. You can download the slides for this presentation here.



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From time to time we have information sessions on specific topics such as our Industry Certification Partnerships, Scholarships, and Course Highlights. Starting last year we had our first Live Panel, where we gathered panelists from both the Academic and Industry worlds to discuss current topics in IT. We have panels and more on the way this year and we’d love for you to join us.

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