We’re excited to inform you that IT Masters have upgraded our website and short course platforms.

This affects itmasters.edu.au (our main website) and learn.itmasters.edu.au (our short courses area).

ITMasters.edu.au has a new Credit Finder, a Short Course finder and some other new features, including a fresh design and layout.

The majority of your courses and enrolments at learn.itmasters have been transitioned smoothly to the new system and remain up-to-date.

However, be aware that several older short courses have been retired and are now unavailable. The full list is below.

  • Program Management Professional (2014) – this will be updated in 2024/5. You may like to do PMP Certification (2015) instead.
  • Cisco CCNA (2014) – This has been superseded by Cisco CCNA (2017)
  • Cisco CCNA Security (2014) – This certification has been retired – look out for a new course covering similar areas in 2024.
  • Dr of IT  Research Methods (2013) – The Dr of IT course is not available for new enrolments.
  • The Journey of a DiT Student (2018) – The Dr of IT course is not available for new enrolments .

Watch this space for plenty of new and exciting short courses through 2024 and beyond – we will be updating some of our most popular courses to keep pace with revised certifications as well as adding new and interesting topics each year.

If you have any questions about short courses, email: [email protected]. Feel free to send us any feedback, especially faulty links or missing information.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this transition. We’re confident that these updates will offer an enhanced experience for all our users.