IT Masters CompTIA Security+ Prep

Prepare for your CompTIA Security+ (SY0-701) exam with our comprehensive webinar, designed to equip you with essential cyber security knowledge and skills. Ideal for IT professionals, network administrators, security consultants, and those new to the field, this short course will provide the expertise and confidence needed to excel in this respected certification and advance your career in cybersecurity.

CompTIA Security+ is a globally recognised certification that validates foundational skills in IT security, meeting industry standards and regulatory requirements. It not only enhances your career prospects and earning potential but also provides practical, hands-on experience essential for securing networks and managing risks effectively. This short course aims to help you achieve these goals and succeed in your certification journey.

Webinar begins: Thursday, 13 June @ 7:30pm (Sydney Time)

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Course Schedule



  • Fundamental Security Concepts
  • Explain Cryptographic Solutions
  • Secure Enterprise Network Architecture
  • Secure Cloud

Webinar: Thursday 13 June 2024 7:30 PM (Sydney Time)


  • Summarise Security Governance Concepts
  • Explain Risk Management Processes
  • Summarise Data Protection & Compliance Concepts
  • Explain Resiliency and Site Security Concepts

Webinar: Thursday 20 June 2024 7:30 PM (Sydney Time)


  • Compare Threat Types
  • Explain Vulnerability Management
  • Explain Incident Response and Monitoring Concepts
  • Analyse Indicators of Malicious Activity

Webinar: Thursday 27 June 2024 7:30 PM (Sydney Time)


  • Implement Identity and Access Management
  • Evaluate Network Security Capabilities
  • Assess Endpoint Security Capabilities
  • Explain Application Security Capabilities

Webinar: Thursday 13 June 2024 7:30 PM (Sydney Time)


  • Exam pass mark: 50%
  • Time limit: 1 hour
  • Attempts allowed: One
  • Format: 40 Multiple choice questions

Course Information


Who will present the webinars?

With a career spanning over two decades in the industry, Dr. Georg Thomas is a seasoned professional in the realm of information technology, security, and cyber risk. His credentials include CCISO, CDPSE, CIPM, CISSP, CISM, Certified ISO27001 Lead Auditor and Implementer, and MACS Snr. CP (Cyber). He is considered an industry expert in information technology, cyber risk, data protection, ethics, and information privacy. His extensive experience includes several senior roles in both Australia and the United States.

Dr. Thomas’ academic achievements include a Doctorate in Information Technology, a Master’s of Management (Information Technology), and a Bachelor’s of Information Technology (System Administration), all from Charles Sturt University. Additionally, he has a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (Teaching & Learning) from Deakin University.

He has been recognised as a Microsoft MVP three times, is a member of the Professional Ethics Committee on the Australian Computer Society (ACS) Profession Advisory Board and former Board Director of ISACA’s New York Metro Chapter.
Since 2019, Dr. Thomas has been sharing his knowledge as an Adjunct Lecturer at Charles Sturt University, teaching various subjects in the IT Masters programs.


What is the aim of this short course?

The aim of this short course is to thoroughly prepare participants for the CompTIA Security+ (SY0-701) certification exam by providing a solid foundation in cybersecurity principles and practices. It is designed to equip students with the critical skills and knowledge needed to excel in the exam and advance their careers in the cybersecurity field. The course also offers practical insights and hands-on experience, ensuring participants can effectively secure networks, manage risks, and respond to security incidents, aligning with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

This course is also designed to provide a taste of the Cyber Security Fundamentals Subject (ITI581) which is a core foundation subject in the Master of Cyber Security. ITI581 prepares students for the CompTIA Security+ certification and covers a broad range of topics, including infrastructure security, communications network security, cryptography, access control, authentication, external threats, and operational and organisational security. Upon completion, students will be equipped to apply these concepts to protect computing infrastructure from cyber threats and attacks.


What is included?

In addition to the weekly hour-long interactive webinars, you will be provided with suggested reading materials, audio lectures, an active discussion forum and a weekly activity to complete.


Is there a final exam?

Yes — the short course exam will be a timed, open-book exam that you will sit at your computer.


Do I get a completion certificate if I complete the course?

Yes — provided you receive a pass mark (50% or over) for course assessment, which comprises the exam and any available participation marks.


Are there any prerequisites for the course?

No — you can sit this short course all by itself, but if you’re new to the concepts listed in the course structure it may be beneficial to complete some of our beginner level cyber security short courses first like IT Basics 1 or IT Basics 2.


Will the course qualify me for university credit?

Yes — successful completion of three or more of our short courses will qualify you for one credit for an industry elective subject in our postgraduate courses. Click here for further details.


Will I need to purchase any study materials to complete the course?

No — all essential materials will be supplied.


Will the webinars be recorded?

Yes — all webinars are recorded and you will be able to access them, and all other free course materials, by registering for the course.


Am I Eligible to Study
a Post Graduate Course?

Industry experience and previous studies all contribute towards your eligibility. You do not necessarily have to have an undergraduate degree to study.