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Free Short Course: Managing in a VUCA world

This short course will introduce you to the key challenges of being a manager-leader in a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). We look at the major challenges facing VUCA managers, the types of leadership skills and approaches relevant for managing in this environment, developing and aligning initiatives with strategic imperatives and supporting employees for improved business outcomes in a chaotic world.

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■■■■ Intermediate
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Moderate-level short course where some prior knowledge or concepts may be assumed. Content may be aimed at late-undergraduate or early-Masters students
Duration4 Weeks
Enrolled3,003 students

Course Schedule

Module 1:

VUCA world 2.0 and its “great big challenges”

  1. Disrupt or die
  2. Characteristics of the VUCA world
  3. The “great big challenges” for management today
    1. Globalisation
    2. Disruptive innovation
    3. Entrepreneurship
    4. Artificial intelligence
    5. Sustainability: ecological, social and economic
    6. Ethical leadership

Module 2:

Leading in a VUCA world

  1. Is Batman still relevant in a VUCA world?
  2. Humans need not apply – leadership approaches for the VUCA environment
    1. Servant leadership
    2. eLeadership
    3. Moral leadership
    4. Eco-leadership
  3. Leadership skills and competencies for addressing the GBCs of the VUCA world
  4. Importance of values and ethics

Module 3:

Managing strategy in complexity and ambiguity

  1. Traditional approaches to strategy formulation – what’s still valid and what might not be
  2. Strategy formulation in a VUCA world
    1. Finding the why as well as the what, how, where, when
    2. Always on strategy
    3. Classical, adaptive, shaping and visionary approaches
    4. Tailor, carpet layer, classified advertising officer (the value of cross-industry learning)
    5. Tips for staying strategically aware

Module 4:

OK boomers: harnessing the energy of pampered millennials, digital natives, diverse and dispersed teams

  1. Winning the hands, hearts and minds
  2. The scope of managers’ tasks in a VUCA world
  3. A practical framework for working with people
  4. Values conflicts and motivators – what drives individual performance
  5. Next steps in becoming a manager-leader in the VUCA world (LLL and staying relevant).



  • Exam pass mark: 50%
  • Time limit: 1 hour
  • Attempts allowed: one
  • Format: 40 multiple choice questions

Course Information Q&A

Who will present the webinars?

Kath Attree has been employed at Charles Sturt University since 2006 and since 2013 has been course director for the MBA, Master of Human Resource Management, Graduate Certificate in Organisational Change and Graduate Certificate in Industrial relations courses.  In this role, Kath consults continuously and extensively with industry, alumni and major stakeholders to understand the future of work and identify the crucial skills, knowledge and competencies that tomorrow’s leaders will require integrating this information into the postgraduate programs she leads.

Kath came to academia with significant industry experience following a 17-year career in administration, marketing and management primarily in the international education environment, operating in very senior roles both domestically and internationally.  Her experience leading culturally diverse and physically dispersed teams both within Australia and overseas and working with multiple stakeholders across university, VET sector, government, industry, students and international agents sharpened her skills in collaboration, negotiation, communication, planning and strategic management.

Kath holds several postgraduate qualifications including an MBA, a Graduate Certificate in University Leadership and Management, a Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies and a Graduate Diploma of Arts (Intensive Indonesian).

What is the aim of this short course?

The aim of the short course is to give you a ‘taster’ of what it is like to do online postgraduate study with Charles Sturt University.

It is based on four topics selected from the subject MGT501 Contemporary Management which is one of the core subjects in the Master of Business Administration (with specialisations). The MBA is launching an exciting new specialisation in Project Management in March 2020.

MGT501 is also part of the Master of Business Administration (Computing – with Specialisations), jointly-delivered by IT Masters and CSU, which is being launched in March 2020.

Is there a final exam?

Yes — the short course exam will be a timed, open-book exam that you will sit at your computer.

Do I get a completion certificate if I complete the course?

Yes — provided you receive a pass mark (50% or over) for course assessment, which comprises the exam and any available participation marks.

Will the course qualify me for university credit?

Yes — successful completion of three or more of our short courses will qualify you for one credit for an industry elective subject in our postgraduate courses. Click here for further details.

Will I need to purchase any study materials to complete the course?

No — all essential materials will be supplied.

Will the webinars be recorded?

Yes — all webinars are recorded and you will be able to access them, and all other free course materials, by registering for the course.