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Free Short Course: Cyber Warfare and Terrorism

When Einstein famously said “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”  he could only imagine the horrors of future weapons. He had no way to foresee the advent of cyberwar. Whatever form any future war takes it is now apparent that cyber warfare will be part of it.

This four week short course introduces you to the rise of state sponsored cyber attack, a concept that only a few years ago seemed within the realm of science fiction.  You will be introduced to the major classes of cyber weapons: trojans, worms, and distributed denial of service, as well as sophisticated hacking. You will also learn the history of nation state involvement in cyber attack as well as the looming threat of cyber attack from terrorist organisations.

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■■■■ Intermediate
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Moderate-level short course where some prior knowledge or concepts may be assumed. Content may be aimed at late-undergraduate or early-Masters students
Duration4 Weeks
Enrolled8,230 students

Course Schedule

Module 1:

Cyber Weapons

  • Stuxnet
  • The TAO Catalog
  • DDos

Module 2:

How the Orange Revolution Sparked the Rise of Modern Info War

  • The Nashi
  • Cyber attacks
    1. Estonia, 2007
    2. Georgia, 2008
  • Influence Operations
    1. Europe
    2. The 2016 Presidential Election

Module 3:

Terrorists and Cyber

  • The looming threat of cyber terrorism
  • Terrorist communication
  • Technology Race: Terrorists vs Establishment

Module 4:

Military Cyber Preparedness

  • State vs State cyber war
  • Vulnerable Systems and how they could be targeted



  • Exam pass mark: 50%
  • Time Limit: 1 Hour
  • Attempts allowed: 1
  • Format: 40 multiple choice questions

Course Information Q&A

Who presents the webinars?

These webinars are all presented by our Richard Stiennon. 

Richard Stiennon is author of two books on cyber warfare. The first one, Surviving Cyberwar, is being revised for an updated edition in late 2018. The second one, There Will Be Cyberwar, was listed as a Washington Post Best Seller. Stiennon is an industry executive with 22 years experience in cyber security. He has presented on cyber security in 29 countries on six continents. He has his Masters in War in the Modern World from King’s College, London.

He now brings his wealth of experience to our free online Cyber Warfare and Terrorism short course.

Why a Cyber Warfare and Terrorism short course?

Military and intelligence leaders agree that the next major war is not likely to be fought on the battleground but in cyber space. Richard Stiennon argues the era of cyber warfare has already begun. There is compelling evidence to support his claim, from the thousands of attempts to hack into critical infrastructure globally, to the creation of information warfare units in Australia.

If you want to keep informed in these changing times, this course is a fine way to do it.

Where can I find Richard’s books?

If you are interested in reading more of Richard’s work, you can see his publications here.

Is there a final exam?

Yes – the short course exam will be a timed, open book exam that you will sit at your computer.

Do I get a completion certificate if I complete the course?

Yes — provided you receive a pass mark (50% or over) for course assessment, which comprises the exam and participation marks, within the designated period.

Will the course qualify me for university credit?

Yes — successful completion of three or more of our short courses will qualify you for one credit for an industry elective subject in our postgraduate courses. Click here for further details.

Will I need to purchase any study materials to complete the course?

No — all essential materials will be supplied.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes — the sessions are recorded and you will be able to access them by registering for the course.