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The total number of Master degree and Graduate Certificate enrolments since Charles Sturt University and IT Masters launched our first qualification in 2003.

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Free Short Course: Applied Social Media Marketing

In this 5-week short course, you will develop an understanding of how social media impacts the digital strategy for your brand, product launch or start-up. We’ll look at aspects of digital strategy and how they come together in social platforms to achieve your goals.

This short course is also a taster of the Master of Applied Digital Marketing course.

Find out more in this free short course!

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■■■■ Intermediate
More Info
Moderate-level short course where some prior knowledge or concepts may be assumed. Content may be aimed at late-undergraduate or early-Masters students
Duration4 Weeks
Enrolled6,129 students

Course Schedule

Module 1:

Digital Strategy & Social Platforms

  • Why social platforms will work for your digital strategy
  • Finding a fit: paid, earned and owned
  • The social platform landscape
  • The weekly worksheet
  • Twitter

Module 2:

Content-driven Social Strategy

  • Social platforms and content
  • Your goal, your strategy
  • Instagram (guest speaker)
  • The weekly worksheet

Module 3:

The World’s Biggest Marketplace

  • How will social pay off for you
  • What’s the risk
  • Facebook for your brand (guest speaker)
  • The weekly worksheet

Module 4:

Social Tools & Integration

  • Managing social in business
  • Tools for social management
  • Your brand’s look and feel
  • Putting it together for digital impact and transformation (guest speaker)
  • The weekly worksheet



  • Exam pass mark: 50%
  • Time limit: 1 hour
  • Attempts allowed: one
  • Format: 40 multiple choice questions

Course Information Q&A

Who will present the webinars?

This course was developed by Andrew Mashman, who is our senior industry-based digital marketing lecturer. Andrew has over 20 years of commercial marketing experience in the commercial marketing where he specialised in designing, developing and launching products and services with an obsession for engaging customers and stakeholders. In 2000, Andrew established Liberated Vision, a company that specialises in consulting and training around marketing, marketing planning and project management challenges for all types of business – NFP, government and commercial.

During the course, experts in social media platforms and digital transformation will also be joining Andrew as guest speakers.

Join the conversation with Andrew and our expert guests, follow Andrew on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewmashman/   and Twitter @amashman, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/gettingsmarter/    as we share digital strategy and hands-on tips with the hashtag #igetdigital.

What is the aim of this short course?

The aim of the short course is to give you a ‘taster’ of what it is like to undertake postgraduate study via online learning with Charles Sturt University. The short course is based on the first few weeks of subject MGI533 Social Media Marketing which is one of the core subjects in the Master of Applied Digital Marketing.

Is there a final exam?

Yes — the short course exam will be a timed, open book exam that you will sit at your computer.

Will I get the opportunity to apply what I have learnt during the course?

Yes — during the short course you will develop a social media marketing plan for a product or service of your choice. Your plan will be assessed by your peers and for a fee, there will be the option for you to get your plan assessed by an expert.

Do I get a completion certificate if I complete the course?

Yes — provided you receive a pass mark (50% or over) for course assessment, which comprises the exam and any available participation marks.

Will the course qualify me for university credit?

Yes — successful completion of three or more of our short courses will qualify you for one credit for an industry elective subject in our postgraduate courses. Click here for further details.

Will I need to purchase any study materials to complete the course?

No — all essential materials will be supplied.

 Will the webinars be recorded?

Yes — all webinars are recorded and you will be able to access them, and all other free course materials, by registering for the course.