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In this subject, students will learn about the analytics that drive decision making in the digital media landscape. For all types of organisations, the ability to collect data in the digital sphere – from websites, the Internet of Things, apps and mobile usage – is having a major impact on strategy. With tools of analysis becoming more widely available, organisations look to data-driven decision making as critical to business effectiveness. From initial set-up to interpreting reports, students will learn how to analyse data to gain an understanding of the behaviour of visitors and the performance of their website and campaigns.  This subject will also help students prepare for certification with the Digital Analytics Association (DAA).

MGI532 Digital Marketing Analytics will cover the following topics:

  • Measurement and Tracking
  • Strategy and planning for analytics
  • Analytics technology
  • Analytics in the firm
  • Visitor activity analysis
  • Web analytics for site optimisation
  • Measuring marketing campaigns online
  • Measuring beyond the click-through
  • Conversion optimisation

Subject Availability

Session 1 (Feb)

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