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This subject discusses how to communicate effectively, and efficiently in professional environments. Students who undertake this subject will gain a wide range of practical communication skills supported by the latest intellectual and psychological behavioural theory. This subject explores the details of how and why humans communicate in certain ways and will equip students to communicate at all levels of professional business for effective outcomes. Students are encouraged to challenge their own communication habits and to undergo a journey of personal change through this subject.

MGI521 Professional Communications will cover the following topics:

  • Communication Psychology of Knowledge Exchange
  • Business Language & Document Writing
  • Digital Communications & The Media Experience
  • Creating Business Proposals & Reports
  • Digital Presentations & Tools
  • Selling & Obtaining Buy-In
  • Facilitating Workshops & Meetings
  • Managing Business Conflict & Negotiation
  • Differences Between Leadership, Management & Mentors
  • Personal Presentations & Public Speaking

Subject Availability

Session 1 (Feb), Session 2 (Jul), Session 3 (Nov)

The information above was accurate the time the subject was last run, but may change in future. Be sure to check the details in your subject outline upon enrolment.