IT Masters Practical AI for Non-Coders


Practical AI for Non-Coders is a 4-week short course for non-technical early adopters who want to make the most of the Artificial Intelligence paradigm shift without having to re-skill in the process. Its aim is to give students a solid understanding of the basic constraints and capabilities of contemporary Artificial Intelligence systems so that they can form their own conclusions.

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  • What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?
  • Why is Artificial Intelligence critical right now?
  • How are Artificial Intelligences being used today?

Key Terms Covered: Artificial Intelligence, Model, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistical Modelling, Computervision, NLP, Generative A.I., Sentiment Analysis, Semantic Embedding

  • Walkthrough: Designing an A.I. for a specific task
  • Creating a clear success condition
  • Choosing the right Artificial Intelligence Architecture

Key Terms Covered: Training Loop, Training Data, Inputs & Outputs, Machine Learning Architecture, Accuracy

  • What is the role of Data in A.I.?
  • How are Artificial Intelligences deployed?
  • Catalogue of effective Artificial Intelligences
  • Overview of common non-Deep Learning A.I.

Key Terms Covered: Validation Data, Tabular Data, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Pre-Trained Model, Local Deployment, Cloud Deployment, Inference, Edge Deployment, Linear Regression, Artificial Neural Network, Transformer Network, Diffusion Network, Vector Database, Vector Embedding

  • Building Ethical Artificial Intelligences
  • Applying everything we’ve learned to a solve real-world task (chosen by class poll)

Key Terms Covered: A.I. Ethics, Explainability, Bias, Privacy, Accountability, State Of The Art (SOTA)

  • Exam pass mark: 50%
  • Time limit: 1 hour
  • Attempts allowed: One

Course Information


Who will present the webinars?

Louka Ewington-Pitsos is a seasoned data science professional and an innovator in practical AI implementation, currently serving as a Data Science Consultant at Silverpond. Prior to this, he founded two startups: Frontline Data Systems (Physical Asset Management) and Delux Wagering Systems (Thoroughbred Racing), where he led the design and execution of high-impact AI solutions.

Louka has a 6-year track record of building impactful machine learning and data science solutions, has received awards in both Kaggle and Unearthed competitions, and led critical data management projects for the Victorian State Government.

Louka is also honored to play a leading role in running the largest Artificial Intelligence meetup in Australia and in his free time uploads tutorials and paper explanations to his YouTube channel, where he simplifies complex AI topics for a wide audience.


What is the aim of this short course?

The aim of this course is to teach every student the key strengths and constraints of modern Artificial Intelligence so that they understand on a strategic level where and how to deploy AI effectively.


What is included?

In addition to the weekly hour-long interactive webinars, you will be provided with suggested reading materials, audio lectures, an active discussion forum, and a weekly activity to complete.


Is there a final exam?

Yes — the short course exam will be a timed, open-book exam that you will sit at your computer.


Do I get a completion certificate if I complete the course?

Yes — provided you receive a pass mark (50% or over) for the exam.


Are there any prerequisites for the course?

No, this course is specifically designed to cater to all students, regardless of prior experience.


Will the course qualify me for university credit?

Yes — successful completion of three or more of our short courses will qualify you for one credit for an industry elective subject in our postgraduate courses. Click here for further details.


Will I need to purchase any study materials to complete the course?

No — all essential materials will be supplied.


Will the webinars be recorded?

Yes — all webinars are recorded and you will be able to access them, and all other free course materials, by registering for the course.


Am I Eligible to Study
a Post Graduate Course?

Industry experience and previous studies all contribute towards your eligibility. You do not necessarily have to have an undergraduate degree to study.