IT Career Transition

Graduate Certificate in Computing (Career Transition)

Equip yourself for the ever-evolving digital landscape and tap into the burgeoning tech job market with the Graduate Certificate in Computing (Career Transition) from Charles Sturt University. This isn’t just another qualification; it’s your compass guiding you towards career progression. Tailor your course to align with your aspirations and the pulse of the industry. Moreover, this certificate can pave the way for various Master’s degrees. Choose wisely, and the four subjects from your Graduate Certificate can be fully credited towards your Master’s degree.

Blending academic excellence with industry relevance, our course gives you the tools to make a successful career transition into the world of IT with the added opportunity to gain real-world exposure through an optional internship opportunity.

This course offers a comprehensive graduate qualification in information technology (IT), tailored for those eager to enhance their technical expertise in line with professional requirements. More than just honing your technical abilities, we ensure you’re equipped with the essential communication and critical thinking capabilities to tackle intricate IT challenges and convey those solutions effectively. Whether you’re eyeing a promising career in IT or considering further academic exploration, this course sets the groundwork.

Upon completion of the course graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of current trends within the information technology (IT) discipline;
  • Investigate and critically reflect on emerging IT trends;
  • Apply appropriate technical skills and critical thinking techniques to solve complex IT-related problems;
  • Effectively communicate IT concepts and solutions to professional and non-professional audiences;
  • Pursue master level study within an IT area appropriate to their professional needs.

Why Study With Us?


Study on Your Terms: 100% Online

Our computing course is entirely online, designed for flexibility. Access lectures, forums, assignments, and enjoy 24/7 tech support, all with a simple mouse click.


Equipped for Real-World Success

Crafted with insights from industry stalwarts and delivered by experienced academics, our course is a passport to a thriving career in computing and IT. As Charles Sturt stands as one of Australia’s foremost IT educators, rest assured you’re learning from the best.


Tailored Learning for Your Ambitions

Choose two academic and two industry-centric subjects, allowing you to align your degree with your aspirations. From cloud exploration to cyber security and digital marketing, chart your unique educational journey.


Career Opportunities


This computing course is your stepping stone into the vibrant IT landscape. Armed with top-notch, professional skills, you’ll be a sought-after talent in the realms of computing, IT, and the digital world. Considering a master’s down the track? You’re in luck. The units you’ve tackled in this grad certificate will count towards it, making advanced skills all the more accessible.

Even without a formal tertiary qualification, potential candidates may gain admission to the Graduate Certificate in Computing (Career Transition) based on their professional accomplishments and/or extensive work experience.

Upon successfully completing the Graduate Certificate, students will have the opportunity to progress to other IT Masters courses, with the added benefit of receiving credit for up to four subjects from their Graduate Certificate studies.

For guidance on the application process, please refer to the ‘How to Apply’ help page.