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IT Masters News

Free Short Course – Ransomware Techniques
17 October 2022

Holding a computer network to ransom in one form or another has been with us for a while now, entering the zeitgeist famously in Jurassic Park waaaay back in 1993. We probably all know or have heard of organisations being held to ransom by organised groups, often with serious  consequences for the business.

Join us over four weeks for our latest free short course Ransomware Techniques with mentor Jeremy Koster. Beginning Thursday 20th October  at 7:30PM (Sydney time), you’ll explore:

  • Corporate Ransomware and Intrusion Pathways
  • Lateral Movement, Accounts and Vulnerabilities
  • Privilege Escalation and Intruder Detection
  • Incident Response and System Recovery

This course includes a practical element during which you can earn ‘flags’ that will assist with the final exam.

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