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Master Degree and Graduate Certificate Course Enrolments: 8,865

The total number of Master degree and Graduate Certificate enrolments since Charles Sturt University and IT Masters launched our first qualification in 2003.

Short Course Enrolments: 553,257

The total number of enrolments in our free short courses that we offer as a taster of what it is like to study via Distance Education with Charles Sturt University.

Free Short Course: Doctor of Information Technology

Charles Sturt University offers a unique IT Doctorate that is applied, flexible and industry relevant. However, studying a Doctorate is a big commitment.

We are offering this short course so that you can get a feel for the program, and decide whether you are ready to take the plunge into a Doctorate.

Please note that this short course ran in April-May 2014. The course materials and examination are still available for those who wish to complete the course at their own pace, however certificates of completion are no longer being issued for this course.

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■■■■ Intermediate
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Moderate-level short course where some prior knowledge or concepts may be assumed. Content may be aimed at late-undergraduate or early-Masters students
Duration5 Weeks
Enrolled1,669 students

Course Schedule:


  • Topic 1: Qualitative and quantitative research methods and techniques in computing.
  • Topic 2: Quantitative and/or qualitative data collection and analysis techniques
  • Topic 3: Limitations of different research approaches
  • Topic 4: Presenting and interpreting research findings
  • Exam: 2 hour multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge.

Course Information and FAQs

This course is aimed at anyone who might be interested in doing an IT professional Doctorate but wants to ‘try before they buy’ and gain a better idea of skills needed for research. The course is also a good starting point for people intending to commence their Doctoral study soon.

The course is free to undertake and there are no required textbooks – all reference materials will be free material that can be accessed electronically.

Q1: What experience will I need to do the course?

No previous academic experience is needed to do this short course. However, if you are interested in commencing the Doctorate of Information Technology, please be aware that you need to hold a class 1 or 2 division 1 honours degree in a computing-related discipline or a Master’s degree.

Q2: Who presented the Webinars?

These webinars were presented by:

Dr Craig Wright

Craig is an Adjunct Lecturer at Charles Sturt University and works in the IT industry as a Digital Forensics expert. Craig has submitted his second Doctorate for examination and in the last 2 years has published 52 Research publications to journals and Conferences. He is passionate about applied, real world IT research and will use his current IT research publications to demonstrate the theory that will be covered in the course.

Dr Tanveer Zia

Tanveer is the Course Coordinator for Charles Sturt University’s Doctor of Information Technology (DIT) and has been the key driver behind establishing Charles Sturt as one of Australia’s leading IT research universities. In his role as Doctor of IT Course Coordinator, Tanveer is responsible for the strategic development and operation of the course, assessing admission eligibility, approving enrolment, overseeing delivery of subjects in alignment with course objectives, monitoring research progress and course quality assurance.

Q3: Will the course qualify me for university credit?

While the course itself does not qualify you for credit, the skills developed are designed to assist you with further university study.

Question 4: Do I get a certificate if I complete the course?

As the official sitting period has now lapsed, no more certificates are able to be issued. You are still able to complete the exam for your own benefit and test your knowledge.

Question 5: Will the course qualify me for university credit?

Successful completion of 3 live University Short Courses will award credit for an elective subject. Please note this course is NOT LIVE and will not qualify you for credit.