Enrolments: 442,561

Master Degree and Graduate Certificate Course Enrolments: 8,865

The total number of Master degree and Graduate Certificate enrolments since Charles Sturt University and IT Masters launched our first qualification in 2003.

Short Course Enrolments: 433,696

The total number of enrolments in our free short courses that we offer as a taster of what it is like to study via Distance Education with Charles Sturt University.

Get credit for your AWS Certification

Cloud computing demand has skyrocketed, with LinkedIn listing it as one of their most sought-after skills for over 7 years and counting. More than 80% of hiring managers found candidates with cloud certifications “more attractive”, according to A Cloud Guru’s State of Cloud 2020 report. And as the most popular public cloud provider, an AWS certification is definitely in top demand.

AWS certification can get you steps ahead of your peers – but did you know you can get credit towards your degree? That means shorter study time, less subject fees and a qualification to boost your credentials. At IT Masters, preparation for the world’s premium IT industry certifications are included as an integral part of our courses.

Get your credit assessment

Planning on earning your AWS certification but need a little more experience behind you? No stress – start your studies with us, then sit the exam when you’re ready and claim your credit before you graduate.

If you’ve already got a cert or two under your belt, great – let us know and you’ll see your savings straight away. Got the knowledge behind you but need to sit the exam? Start your studies and earn your AWS certification during your breaks, then claim your hard-earned credit and watch your remaining subject count drop before your eyes.

Courses available for AWS certification credit include:

A postgraduate cloud computing course sets you apart from those who only have AWS certification. If you’re already skilled in IT, delving into our cloud computing courses enables you to solidify and strengthen your technical knowledge. From cloud security to architecture and virtualisation, to networking and SysAdmin, put yourself at the front of the queue in the industry that never ends.

Solidify your knowledge with our cloud computing course and become a qualified solutions architect or security specialist with the experience and credentials to back you up.

Our focus is on preparing students for the professional IT world by combining the practical preparation for industry certifications with the high level, structured learning of a postgraduate IT qualification. Our cloud courses introduce the knowledge, capabilities and communication skills needed to design and manage cloud architecture in a practical context. Enhance your skills and prepare for your AWS certification as part of your studies with IT Masters and Charles Sturt University. 

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