IT Masters Credit for Industry Certification

About the Australian Computer Society

ACS serves as the preeminent professional association for Australia’s tech community, boasting a membership exceeding 47,000 professionals across diverse sectors, including business, government, and education. As a leader in the tech industry, ACS are dedicated to accelerating the growth of a highly skilled and diverse cohort of technology professionals. Their mission is to equip them with the requisite skills and knowledge to propel the technological landscape of Australia forward, both in the present and the future.
Watch below to see the ITMasters crew and Henry Louey, Director of Certification at ACS, live from the ACS Innovation Hub in Melbourne, discuss how an ACS Certification can trim several subjects and months of study time from your postgrad IT course with ITMasters-CSU.


Receive credit towards your Masters with an ACS Certification


To initiate ACS membership and undergo a professional experience assessment, individuals are encouraged to submit an online application at a fee of $720, covering both processes simultaneously. The submission entails providing your curriculum vitae and qualifications, with an assigned assessor guiding you throughout.

For existing ACS members, the certification cost may vary based on your current residence. You can refer to the Fee Schedule for specific details.

For further clarification on the certification procedure, we recommend reaching out to ACS for comprehensive information and guidance.


How many credits can you receive?



You can receive up to 2 subjects’ worth of credit for any ACS certifications (taking the number of subjects in your Masters from 12 down to 10, plus any further credits you may have).

  • For 2 subjects of credit: ACS Certified Professional OR* ACS Certified Cyber Security Professional
  • For 1 subject of credit: ACS Certified Technologist OR* ACS Certified Cyber Security Technologist

*You may only use one each of the Professional or Technologist certifications for credit as there is significant overlap within each of these categories.


Which IT Masters courses does this credit apply to?


The ACS certifications can count as credit for up to 2 IT Masters-delivered elective subjects in the following courses:

The ACS certifications also give credit for the shorter Graduate Certificate programs related to these degrees, however some Grad Certs may only allow one subject of credit where there is only one IT Masters elective subject. Don’t worry though – if you are eligible for it, the second credit can easily be applied when moving up from the Grad Cert to the Masters.

Contact us for more information on ACS credits, or fill out our eligibility form for a full assessment.

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