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The total number of Master degree and Graduate Certificate enrolments since Charles Sturt University and IT Masters launched our first qualification in 2003.

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ADF Cyber Gap & ITM Student Profile: Muhammad Hasan
30 September 2020

What’s your background/job history?

I graduated from CSU in Bachelors of IT (Network Security) in 2010, I have been working in IT since then. I work for the Department of Education Victoria as an IT Manager. I also completed Master of Teaching in December 2019 from CSU and became a qualified teacher; however, I did not continue teaching after I realised that being an IT Manager at the school has more benefits than being a teacher.

How did you get into the industry?

I had always been working in IT since Year 9. My dad enrolled me for evening classes in a computer institute next to our home, in the start I was a bit reluctant to join the classes because I thought it is boring and any Tom, Dick and Harry can get into computer studies, there were no prerequisites and no entry criteria, all below-average students were joining computer studies because it was easy and fun, there was no challenge in it, therefore, I should aim for more exclusive industry, that’s what I thought. But I was completely wrong.

 I loved the evening classes, after arriving from school, I use to get ready and wait for 5 PM to go to the evening computer classes next door and later after completing my IT course, a basic Cert, I became a volunteering teacher there for few hours a day, 6 days a week, except when I had exams and assessments in my usual day school and then college.

From there I kept growing and found a job in my uncle’s company and then after a few years of work, I came to Australia for completing Bachelors in IT.

While working in a night job as a receptionist, one of the newspaper delivery boys, later became my friend, asked me if I want to work with him in an IT company, it was a dream come true to get an IT job in Australia. I soon joined the IT company in Melbourne, where he was already doing a project. He was a good friend, he then found a better job in a very popular company, where once again, he got me in as a system administrator.

What made you want to study?

To progress further in the career.

What made you choose IT Masters?

Email marketing (LOL), yes, honestly, I loved your emails and always waited for your emails to see what’s new on the offer.

How was the application process? Any pointers for that first step?

Please read the application very carefully, there is heaps of important information there.

Please remember in ADF Cyber GAP program, you must understand and inform the interviewer that you are 100% clear on the program’s commitment and that you know it NOT a paid job and it requires 12 months of course that you are already enrolled in.

Any tips for people applying for the next round? (Interview tips, how to stand out against the crowd, making it to the next round etc.)

Wear something green or blue for the interview, I was wearing a blue suit jacket and I placed a white pot with a green plant next to me that was visible in the Zoom screen.

Have your notes ready in the half of the screen and have Zoom in the other half of the screen, read and re-read your notes many times before the interview so just in case if you have to refer it to them during the interview, it should not look like as if you are reading a script. Also, don’t make it too obvious that you are reading from the script or the screen.

One thing I shall emphasis on is that, please inform the interviewer that you 100% understand that it is not a paid employment and your course is finishing close to the 12-months mark, these two things are the key for a successful interview. I know this, because I asked them what they are looking for a successful candidate, they told me these two things, also, the interviewer from DTA told me that CSU is a very good university and he is happy that I’m studying from there, he said, “it is a very very good university, you made a good choice”.

Also, try to show something on your resume that you are already related to the cybersecurity field. I was an IT governance administrator in my previous role, so I highlighted that during my interview, also my previous qualification in IT helped. They told me that they are looking for candidates who are serious about cybersecurity and have proof to show it that they are serious about IT security.

Any tips for people who want to make the move into cyber security?

Get active on LinkedIn, connect to cyber security professionals, talk to them about their experience and see if they can help you visit their office once people are back to work.

Any general tips that you might want to add in.

If you would like to join ADF cyber security program, I shall highly recommend CSU through IT Masters, IT Masters provide an additional layer of support to students.

How have IT Masters helped you through the process?

Helped to communicate between CSU enrolment process and ADF application process.