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2021 Graduating Prize Winners: Striving, Surviving, Succeeding
2 March 2022

We are always proud of our graduates and especially so of those who finish at the top. It represents a lot of hard work and determination and our Graduating Prize Winners for 2021 share a willingness to keep going. They all have stories to tell: Chuen Ee Lim completed his studies from Singapore; Patrick Jones made sure he had plenty of time for his family by studying at night; Trish Anderson experienced family losses in the midst of lockdowns; Carol Ennis read her text books before bed and Steven Price found a dachshund helped get him through.

IT Masters graduates keep bringing balance to the talent pool too, especially with two amazing achievers last year. The top performers for the 2021 academic year for the Applied Digital Marketing and Management (IT) awards both went to women.

Master of Applied Digital Marketing Award winner Trish Anderson highlighted how tough it had been the last two years : “I considered quitting this whole thing a few times when I was told I was too old, it was not worth it and a waste of time for just a few fancy letters after my name. I did consider all the things against it, but it was never ever going to be something that I was ever going to actually quit. I really wanted this. And at one of the many quitting crossroads, I created myself a brand new goal. To not only finish it but to do it with a GPA above 6.0. And. I. Did. It “.

Carol Ennis, winner of the Master of Management (Information Technology) Award, told us that she juggled looking after a toddler, working and managing the home throughout her studies. When her son was asked what her Mum likes to do, he replied  “every night she just hops on her work chair and pushes buttons”. In spite of that review she found that “nearly every part of my course has been directly applicable to my work.  As an example, my final project has formed the basis of an IoT project that I am currently undertaking at work”.

With experts suggesting that women mentors might help entice and retain female talent in the sector, these two women (along with future CSU IT Masters graduates) might well be in high demand.

Our other prize winners also have lots to tell us.

Patrick Jones, who works in rail construction, says that studying for his Master of Project Management taught him how “to critically think – I thought I was a good critical thinker before and it stretched and challenged my perceptions. It enhanced my decision making – good managers make decisions above all else – and the course empowered me to make better decisions”. Patrick had a seven year journey from doing a TAFE course to completing his Masters’, something that he never thought he would achieve.

Another of our stars, Steven Price – recipient of the Master of Networking and Systems Administration Award – found that ACS certification really helped him in both his study and work lives. “Getting credits for industry courses or the ACS really helps you plan out your study journey – I would have taken at least another 6 months without it. I may not even have joined ACS without the prompting of the course, and their professional development requirements and opportunity to network are great – they are big added bonuses”.

They are all worthy winners, not just for finishing at the top of the class, but for striving, surviving and succeeding.

Please join all of us here at IT Masters in wishing all of our 2021 graduates success, and a special extra congratulations to our 2021 Graduating Prize Winners below:

Award Prize Winner
Master of Business Administration (Computing) Award Stephen Friend
Master of Cloud Computing and Virtualisation Award Mark Brown
Master of Cyber Security Award David Lloyd
Master of Information Systems Security Award Chuen Ee Lim
Master of Management (Information Technology) Award Carol Ennis
Master of Applied Digital Marketing Award Patricia Anderson
Master of Networking and Systems Administration Award Steven Price
Master of Project Management Award Patrick Jones